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Fun Ways to Improve Body Confidence

As we dive into a new decade, we caught up with Victoria Borisch, Strategic Communications Specialist and Travel Writer, to get her take on some fun ways to boost your body confidence before your big day.

“Everyone struggles with a lack of body confidence at some point. Even queen bee Regina George and the Plastics weren’t immune as they stood in front of a mirror moaning about their supposed flaws in Mean Girls.

Much like the bridal glow, body confidence radiates from within. Once you start to feel it, other people will notice. If your body confidence could use a boost, here are some fun things to try that are sure to have you feeling like the queen you are in no time.

Practice gratitude & mindfulness

Bodies are weird but the one you have is pretty great when you think about it. Spend time meditating and focusing on the things you like about your body rather than the things that aren’t perfect. No body is perfect. Just because things aren’t exactly how you would like them doesn’t mean that there’s not plenty to be grateful for. 

Rather than stressing about the shape of your thighs, why not focus on how awesome your legs are for carrying you around your dream honeymoon destination? They’re incredibly powerful! While it may seem a bit strange, go ahead and thank them. Uncomfortable with a c-section scar? Thank it for helping you bring life into the world. Practicing gratitude will create a positive mindset and help you feel better in your own skin.

Spend time in the buff

Throughout my years of travel, Finns are the most body-confident people I’ve come across thanks to Finland’s sauna culture normalizing nudity. While you don’t have to sweat it out, spending time with little to no clothing on can help make you feel more comfortable with your body.

A naked day hanging out in your flat with your partner could surely produce some hilarious moments, just don’t forget to close the curtains. If you’re not fully up for that idea, treating yourself to luxurious baths regularly is a good place to start. Learning to feel at ease with your clothes off will make it easier to feel confident with clothes on.

See what your body can do

Our bodies can do incredible things. When I tell people that I pole dance, the most common responses I hear are “I wish I could do that but I don’t have the upper body strength” or “I’d never feel comfortable wearing such a small amount of clothing.” In reality, both of those things are ok when you start. The muscles will come, along with your confidence. After a few weeks of covering up, you’ll realize that you need to show a little skin to do the tricks and that not a single person in the studio cares what you look like under your layers. 

It’s ok if pole dancing isn’t your thing. Nailing a headstand in your yoga class for the first time, running further than you ever have, or setting a new personal best in whatever type of physical activity you’re into can open your eyes to what your body is truly capable of. It’s such a cool feeling to be in awe of what your body can do rather than worrying about how it looks.

Find your tribe

A tried and true way to help you feel more confident in any area of life is to find people who will be a positive support group and influence. Whether it’s joining a body positivity Facebook group or opening up to your closest friends about your insecurities, having people in your life who will cheer you on through every stage of your journey can have a big impact. Make it your mission to find those people and figure out how you can best help each other live your best lives.

You can find Victoria here:

Website: http://victoriaborisch.com/

Instagram – www.instagram.com/victoriaborisch

Twitter – twitter.com/VictoriaBorischLinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/victoriaborisch

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