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Your Wedding Dress spend

Is budgeting a boring necessity – or all part of the fun?

Question – what was the average UK Wedding Dress spend in 2018?

Have a guess. Then check out the answer at the end of this blog.

But does the answer really matter? How important is it to you how much other brides are spending on their wedding dresses and accessories? Surely what matters is that, for your wedding day, you find a dress that won’t make your credit card faint, but will make you look completely gorgeous.

This whole question of budgets really is important. Whether it’s the flowers, the venue, the shoes, the photographer, the catering … you’ll be setting a budget. Even Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle had budgets. The trick is, not to let your spending limit be a burden. Don’t let it suck all the fun out of planning for your big day.

So what’s the best way to approach budgeting for your wedding dress? Here’s our very own Anna Wood –

“You must be really honest with the big decision makers – those who are paying for your wedding – your family, your fiancé(e) and of course, yourself. The key is this – decide on your wedding dress budget before you make your ‘try-on’ appointment at your bridal dress shop. Then make sure that you don’t try on anything too far above this price.”

Anna explains – “Imagine you have a budget of £1,200. You try on a dress priced at £3,000 and fall in love with it. How are you going to feel? Nothing else will measure up. At Anna Wood Bridal, we respect our brides and we respect their spending limits. You won’t find us trying to push our brides to spend beyond their budget. After all, we want them to leave our store with a wide grin and a spring in their step, happy in the knowledge that they’ve picked the perfect dress, within what they can afford.”

How do I work out how much I can spend?

Think about the style and the look that you want? Is there a particular designer that appeals? Once you’ve identified a few dresses that you like the look of, check the price. Consult with your fiancé(e) and anyone who’s helping with the finances.

You’ll soon get a feel as to what’s available at what price. When you do eventually settle on a budget, remember that it’s for your dress – not for the whole wedding outfit. You’ll have to allow extra for a veil, alterations, shoes, accessories.

What are the different ways of buying?

High street chains and department stores
If your budget is three or four hundred pounds, this could be a good option. The benefits are a low price you’ll immediately see what you’re getting for your money. With luck, you’ll be able to take it home on the day. On the downside, you almost certainly won’t enjoy the same premium experience that you will from a specialist bridal boutique. You’re also unlikely to be attended to by a trained sales consultant and your dress won’t be professionally fitted.

Buying online
Our advice would be to avoid buying online. Firstly, there are so many dubious websites selling fake designer dresses, on the cheap. Remember those old sayings – ‘You get what you pay for’. ‘If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.’ Just ask yourself if you’re prepared to risk ruining your wedding day, just for the sake of saving a few pounds. We’ve heard so many desperate stories from brides who’ve ordered cheap dresses that were badly made, damaged, or worst of all, didn’t even arrive!

Purchasing off the peg
An off-the-peg dress could cost as little as £300. These are often ex-samples or dresses that have been discontinued. At Anna Wood Bridal, if you choose off-the-peg, we’ll fit your dress for you in-house and arrange for alterations. This option is pretty inexpensive. You’ll be able to try a variety of dresses. You’ll be assured of excellent quality and value – and you’ll have a beautiful dress that hasn’t cost the earth.

Designer wedding dresses
These are our speciality. We have an amazing collection – all from premium designers. The price you pay could be as little as £1,000. Once you’ve chosen your design, we’ll order it for you. Once it arrives in-store, we’ll arrange for a fitting and make any alterations you need. What a great way to select the dress of your dreams.

With many designers, you can work with us to make changes to the dress to create the beautiful wedding dress, literally as a one-off

Enjoy the experience

So, as you can see, when it comes to buying a wedding dress, you’re spoilt for choice. All you have to do is decide on your ideal ‘spend’, and then enjoy the whole wonderful experience of choosing a perfect wedding dress for that perfect wedding day.

Here at Anna Wood Bridal, we’re Northamptonshire’s newest and brightest Bridal Boutique. We’re not ‘salesy’ shop assistants. We just have a simple goal – to help you find, at the right price, the most beautiful dress to bring out the most beautiful you.

Call us – 01327 223180

We’d love to hear from you.

Answer – the average UK Wedding Dress price? £1,378 – Brides Magazine

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