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Don’t listen to those siren voices

After all, it’s your Wedding, your Dress, your Choice!

Have you noticed? Whenever a new baby is due, particularly when it’s a ‘first’, everyone (particularly Mum – ‘sorry Mum’!) is all too ready to give advice. And of course, it’s just the same with weddings and yes – it’s usually Mum again! But not exclusively. Friends must shoulder their share of the blame too. It seems that everyone needs to have their say. And the reason for all this, often unasked for, advice? Well, often, it’s good old-fashioned over-excitement!

And what’s wrong with that? Isn’t it great that friends and family members are swept up in the drama and fun of one of life’s most important and fulfilling rituals?

I guess we all know someone who, at the very first whiff of a wedding, becomes instantly whipped into a frenzy of manic hyper-excitement. The flowers, the photographer, the venue, the cake, the caterer, the band, the DJ and oh yes … I nearly forgot. The Wedding Dress! They have an opinion on every single one. They don’t just have an opinion. For some inexplicable reason, they don’t seem able to stop themselves from expressing it.

It can be a tad annoying when you’re subjected to so many opinions from so many well-meaning friends and family members. But isn’t it great that they all care? Here’s a thing. You don’t have to listen to any of it. Let’s take the Wedding Dress – a major focal point of your big day and potentially a contentious issue. With so many dresses to choose from and so many considerations – your body shape, the fabric, the style, the bridal store, not to mention the price! Is it any surprise that so many opinions abound?

For my wedding, I can recall my best mate, Janice. She was from the ‘box of chocolates’ brigade. She reckoned that, just as with that tin of Quality Street, rather than dither over which one to plump for, you should go for the first one you set eyes on. Accompanying me on my first visit to the bridal shop, she was just the same. “Don’t over-think it!” she urged. “The more dresses you try on, the more confused you’ll be. Just go for the first dress you like the look of. If it looks good and feels good, it’ll be great. Job done!”

Well, Janice was to be disappointed. I just wanted to take my time – visit different bridal stores, chat with the consultants, take their advice, look at the available selection and try out a few. Then I’ll be absolutely sure I’ve got the right dress. I even had this idea of taking along my wedding scrapbook – a collection of notes, drawings, photos, colour schemes – all of which would help guide me towards making a considered choice.

Here’s top Wedding Dress designer, Hayley Paige – “Brides often get tripped up by what other people tell them to expect,” Hayley says. “You don’t want to be so overwhelmed by what everybody else has said.”

How right Hayley is. Choosing your wedding dress will be a major part of your Wedding Day planning. Yes – of course – friends and family will love to be involved. After all, you can pay them no greater compliment than to ask for advice. Some of the advice will be helpful. Some may not be. The key message is to explore, to consider, to consult and to decide. But the most important thing of all? Just never forget whose wedding it is.

Yours, Anna x

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